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Shanara Smith
Shanara Smith
a month ago
Going here is always a wonderful experience! I love everything- the electric therapy, the massage, the adjustment! The whole establishment is clean and it smells so good in there. The staff is always warm and courteous and Dr. Evans treats her patients like family. In my line of work, I’m on my feet all day and that takes a toll on my back but after a visit to Island Breeze, I always feel like a brand new woman! This is one of my favorite places, ever!
Phyllicia Frazier
Phyllicia Frazier
3 months ago
First off, Dr. Evans is so sweet and caring! Her staff is also just as professional as she is. Second, her knowledge and gentle touch with babies is clearly an indication of why she has such high ratings! If you did not know, a trip to the chiropractor can help your baby with issues such as colic and latching. The birthing process is traumatic on the body for them. She breaks things down in a way that anyone can understand. Any questions you may have, she will be clear and concise until you are able to grasp what the issue was. Third, I'm rooting for every doctor who can be their authentic self while professional. Loved the entire experience. It was well worth the drive for my baby. He was sleep BEFORE we left out of the door from the office. Thank you Dr. Evans!
2 months ago
I have never felt more joy from a doctor office than when I visited Dr. Evans’. On top of delivering a great patient experience, the results of Dr. Evans’ ability to identify my problem areas has helped me move and feel more lively each day afterward. I had my body readjusted after get electrical stimulation and a body massage and I felt like a whole new person! Make your appointment, it’s never too soon to think about preventative chiropractic care to improve your overall quality of life!

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